For as long as I remember I have loved drawing people, especially those around me in Cartoon or Manga style. I always see the the best in people and what makes them unique or beautiful and I love putting that into a drawing. It can be their hair, their eyes or even the energy or vibe that radiates around them!

I have many fond memories of people coming up to me and finding out they have kept the drawings I made of them many years ago! Usually it was something I had done in a couple of minutes, for fun, but they had kept it all these years. This made me think how much some people can appreciate it when you draw them. For more information about this visit my commissions page!


My biggest passion is game design, as it combines all the things I love: Drawing, designing, games, writing and working on creative projects. I have been making games for as long as I can remember. I love all aspects of it and what I am working towards is combining my passion for personal development with art. My study was Art Therapy and this is something I think that is very useful for making games that can really make a difference in peoples lives.